Tag: Unaligned


  • Lucas Gates

    DECEASED: Tina committed diablerie upon him Clan: Daeva Covenant: unaligned Tina’s sire. Eighteen years old, sandy blond hair, young face and fair complexion, rucksack and hunting knife. Killer.

  • James Kelvin

    Clan: Mekhet Covenant: unaligned Former slave of [[:john-harley-matheson | John Harley Matheson]]. Childe of [[:sarah-cobbler | Sarah Cobbler]]. Black, 16 years old, tall, thin frame, suit hangs too loosely. Thick drawl.

  • Desirae Wells

    Clan: Gangrel Covenant: Unaligned The Coterie found her in a hunger frenzy during the disease outbreak, holed up in a boarded-up gas station. Knows how to find [[:baron-cimitiere | Baron Cimitiere]].