Tag: Nosferatu


  • Andrea Oulette

    Clan: Nosferatu Covenant: Ordo Dracul Edward’s sire. "(I) might be a monster, but have no loyalty to monstrosity." Athletic black woman, hair braided into tight rows, tattered blue jeans and black shirt, arms covered in black tattoos.

  • Gus Elgin

    Clan: Nosferatu Covenant: ? Master of Elysium: makes places ready for Kindred gatherings. Servant of [[:augusto-vidal | Prince Vidal]]. Diminutive, small shrunken head, leathery wrinkled skin.

  • Baron Cimitiere

    Clan: Nosferatu Covenant: Circle of the Crone Nosferatu Houngan and Regent. Walking corpse, flesh gray and sunken, eyes and teeth yellowed, hair falling to shoulders in stringy clumps. Old black suit, top hat, and sunglasses.