Tag: Mekhet


  • Sarah Cobbler

    Clan: Mekhet - Morbus Covenant: Ordo Dracul Orchestrated the coterie’s embrace. Wiped their memories so they’d imprint on each other instead of sires. Shares sire with [[:mezzo | Mezzo]]. Sire of [[:james-kelvin | James Kelvin]]. Late 20’s, …

  • Mezzo

    Clan: Mekhet - Morbus Covenant: Ordo Dracul [[:mary | Mary’s]] sire. Shares sire with [[:sarah-cobbler | Sarah Cobbler]].

  • James Kelvin

    Clan: Mekhet Covenant: unaligned Former slave of [[:john-harley-matheson | John Harley Matheson]]. Childe of [[:sarah-cobbler | Sarah Cobbler]]. Black, 16 years old, tall, thin frame, suit hangs too loosely. Thick drawl.

  • Coco Duquette

    Clan: Mekhet Covenant: Carthian Engergetic, early 20s, tight-fitting black turtleneck and black slacks, hair dyed deep red, blue eyes.