Tag: Daeva


  • Antoine Savoy

    Clan: Daeva Covenant: Lancea Sanctum Lord of the French Quarter. Short and thin with strong European features. Hair is dark, as is facial hair that hovers betweeen 5 o’clock shadow and a true beard. Wears casual suit.

  • Lucas Gates

    DECEASED: Tina committed diablerie upon him Clan: Daeva Covenant: unaligned Tina’s sire. Eighteen years old, sandy blond hair, young face and fair complexion, rucksack and hunting knife. Killer.

  • Pearl Chastain

    Clan: Daeva Covenant: Invictus Original Daeva conspirator. Late 30s, out-of-date clothing. Depressed and lethargic.

  • Tina Baker

    Tina was a sorority girl from “up north” (Tennessee, actually) who came down this year to experience Mardi Gras for the first time. She was majoring in sports medicine but was still taking core classes. Having once come uncomfortably close to being …