Louis Maddox

Computer Whiz

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: late 20’s
  • Clan: Ventrue
  • Covenant:
  • Virtue: Temperance
  • Vice: Sloth
  • Encyclopedic Knowledge

Loius is a man in his late 20’s. He is slightly overweight and keeps his hair buzzed, the better to cover the fact that he’s balding. He wears glasses… even though he doesn’t seem to need them now. He wears nondescript sweatshirts and blue jeans, and his lucky LSU ball cap.

Up until this recent Mardi Gras festival, Loius Maddox was just another New Orleans resident, employed in the technical support department of a local ISP. His real talent, however, lay in ferreting out information from the internet. In his experience, it was all in there somewhere, and it was just a matter of finding out who put the information there and whether or not it was reliable. Even during the chaos of Mardi Gras, evenings usually found Louis holed up at an Internet cafe’ just outside the French Quarter. The same place he met Nathaniel Dubois. .....................The raucous club across the street… A crowded Van Ride….to the Park? Confusion? Blood. A young woman screaming. And then the Embrace…

Louis Maddox

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